About Us

The mission of Universal Messengers is to bring healing to our world through the spirit of love, peace, joy and awareness by creating storybooks and products dedicated to keeping our children reading while learning character building and life skill principles in exciting, challenging and adventurous scenarios.

Our storybooks and products address key issues such as self-love, self-esteem, diversity, peer pressure, bullying, the foundation of true friendship, and scenarios of real crisis situations to teach children safety through awareness. We pride ourselves on providing a positive and enlightening experience, rather than just a physical product.

Our goal is to equip children and their families with the necessary tools and skills for healthy development and wise decision-making for a joyful and productive life.

Why should parents buy this series? We believe parents should purchase our books because our potential market and ideal customer is one who invests in their children’s growth, development, and entertainment. We believe the series opens the door for easy discussion with your children about important issues and topics which is supported by a special feature in each book that includes vocabulary and questions for open discussion and a deeper understanding between parents, guardians, teachers and their children. The ideal customer appreciates quality, encourages overall great morals & values and seeks ways to promote peace & harmony in one’s life, which we believe may ultimately contribute to world peace and harmony.

Furthermore, our company will look to donate a portion of our proceeds to local and national child advocacy groups to help educate and protect our children from child exploitation and abuse. These donations foster social responsibility within the company and represent the company’s commitment to its mission of bringing “healing to our world…”